Acerca de Peruvian Olive Oil and Olives and it´s Author

It´s me, Fiorella Parodi. Realtor, graphic designer, wich by those things in life decided to “begin in some moment of life” some new business., some Olive Oil and Olives to commercialize. It went nice but as all business has its “purple days”.

Among reasons to do such thing are many, but the main reason to build and construct this page was to back up my clients and let them know what to cook with Olives and how can Olive Oil may be used in some daily basis for adults and kids, no matter what, I was decided to make people live a healthier life.

specially dedicated to young people, that barely know the good relation between Olive Oil consumption and a healthier life.

In this place you´ll be able to find only different recipes, stories, in english and spanish, feeds, legends and some history about.

Hope you may enjoy and whatever your “motivations” about this products just ask!

Hope you may have a healthier life consuming Olive oil and Olives…

Fiorella Parodi, also know as “Ms. Olive Oil” 😀


Una respuesta a Acerca de Peruvian Olive Oil and Olives and it´s Author

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    Tampoco se aceptan links a paginas dudosas. Ni viagra, ni sexo:

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